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Fresh Prince of Bel Air & A Different World | Two of Our Favorite 90's Sitcoms

October 07, 2017

Fresh Prince of Bel Air & A Different World |  Two of Our Favorite 90's Sitcoms


Black folks have it all when it comes to old school TV shows. From comedy down to actions, there is always something to keep the people entertained. Out of this numerous TV series loved by not just the black people but also by many other races too.


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air



An American tv show which shows Will Smith, one of the principal actors in the movie as a fictionalized version of himself.  The series is a rib-cracking one with various funny scenes. It is one of those series that brings every family member together whenever the tone is played or heard on tv.

Will Smith played a very smart teenager from west Philadelphia. He was sent to go live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in the Bel Air mansion.

The primary reason why he was sent to live with at the Bel Air mansion was that he got into a fight at the basketball court.



Considering the story line carefully, you would see that the writer of the script as demonstrated great ability to put reality into writing. What led to Will Smith going to stay with his aunt is one of the common things with the teenagers. A belief of being able to take care of things even when they are not matured enough to do so. In most situations, their ego leads them into trouble, mostly getting into a fight.

Talking about comedy, it’s an amazing thing to imagine a character like Will Smith with such low intellect and Hillary the funny lady with the intelligence of a rock.

Sarcasm, Geoffrey is just that guy that makes you keep wondering if God has actually created such a person by mistake or intentionally.

Smartness, you have Phil, Vivian, and Ashley on this one. Sad they are the least humorous.

Blending everything to meet the desire of every viewer is one of the certain factors that makes a movie good enough to be rated as best and loved by so many. The comedy aspect of the series is enough to put a smile on the face of every sad person viewing the movie.


Though the black tend to be funny, they sure have a way of passing a touching message through their acts. It heals the broken, strengthens the weak, and encourages the downcast.


A Different World

Very controversial but yet a ground breaking black series loved by so many. This movie touched every aspect of life. It addresses most of the issues such as Gulf War, Drug Abuse, Date Rape, and even the deadly disease HIV/AID. It has a lot to teach, and for those that do not just watch movies for the fun of it, they get to learn something and even implement it in their everyday life at the end of the day.

The concept of the series talked about the challenges most of the people especially blacks are facing in various parts of the world. Rape is one of the major problems from the 90’s even to this present moment. Watching this black series, you get a clue of why some people do what they do and the damage they do to the integrity and self-esteem of their victim. This is an everyday thing we get to hear on the news, and the unanswered question we keep asking ourselves is “why must the Blacks be the victim?”

Stigmatization is a major thing attached to HIV/AIDS. Most victims get to suffer loneliness, Criticism, and low self-esteem. The fear of the horror the disease is capable of bringing has caused even family members to neglect themselves when a member becomes a victim of it.

The character of the series kept on changing with some of them been constant, but the message remains the same. The movie was originally centered on Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) and the life of students at Hillman College. A fictional historically black college in Virginia.

The life on campus is something of significant consideration. Teenagers and even young adults learn most of the things that transform their lives from college. The college happens not to be just a place to acquire different knowledge in a different discipline but a place where so many regrettable mistakes and decisions are made. Not just wrong decisions are made, but right decisions also. These decisions tend to either make you proud or make you cry.

It is encouraged that blacks should learn from movies showing campus settings to get to live right and take the right steps.

Despite the racism thrown at the blacks, deep down in us, we show nothing but love, and this is preached in most of this black series. Black is beautiful. Black people are gifted and loving. Creativity is seen in blacks and meaning is found in everything they do.

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