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Coming To America | I ♥ The 90's

October 07, 2017

Coming To America | I ♥ The 90's

Coming to America 90's Movies

90's Movies are Awesome

In the 90’s, so many movies were produced. Most of which remains the favorite of so many people. Some of the movies were acted based on actual life experience while some are just perfect scripts written by a creative scriptwriter. Example of movies from the 90’s that remains until date as one of the best movies and a must watch for so many is the movie "Coming to America."


This is one the fantastic movies produced in the 90’s. The moving was centered on the influence of wealth in finding the right partner as a man. The movie is one of Eddie Murphy's numerous movies in which he acted as a major character.

The society and it’s culture has passed a message across since the 90’s which is “ladies will fall for a pig if he has money.” The son of a mighty king sets out on a quest to seek true love. Knowing fully well that so many ladies love him not for him but for what he is capable of doing and the fact that he is royal. He adjusted his lifestyle to meet up with the requirements he assumed are necessary for him to achieve his main aim of finding true love.

Of a reality, So many rich guys out there are not married. This is not because they do not want to but because they all want to have the feel of real love. This movie clearly addressed this issue. It talked about the extent to which people can go in search for true love.

The African culture was perfectly portrayed in this movie. There was a time in Africa when sons do not have to worry about whom to marry. This is not because they do not want to get married but because it is the sole responsibility of their parents to choose a perfect partner for them. The question now is “Are they perfect option?” So many marriages in Africa where this culture is still practiced until date suffers a lot in the sense that the couples tend to cope with the marriage rather than enjoy it.

Match making is also one of those things done by the Africans. Of the truth, every parent wants the best for their children but what others see as best is what some see as worst. In the movie, the circle of the wealthy was meant to continue as Prince Akeem was to get married to another lady from the royal family. He knew it was not love and for that reason, he did not accept the offer.

Power is one of the major thing desire by all. Humility is a rare thing exhibited by those who have power. A prince leaving his position behind and taking up the lifestyle of an individual who has to work to earn his daily living is something so many people out there should learn from. He was able to feel the pain of others through this. Many young guys out there should learn from this and learn how to do that which is right.

The movie teaches guys love is not all about money while it also pass an information to the ladies to look beyond what they can see, be patient and thing about tomorrow and not just the present situation. The prince could have married the lady given to her by the king just to show authority and pride but he didn’t. A question must people keep asking themselves about this movie is “how perfect would the marriage be?” this is one question; so many young guys fail to ask before jumping at such offer. The ladies also, they fail to ask this question what if he is just playing with me? What if he doesn’t own what he says he own? Before jumping at a rich guy. What if he is good on the outside but evil on the inside? The lady is a perfect example to young ladies out there. Be patient, have some standard, and don’t just make money your primary criteria for a relationship.

The movie, of course, had a happy ending. It was writing to be more of reality than fiction. The use of some animals, depict nature and the beauty of Africa. The storyline is fantastic. The writer is creative enough to bring reality into writing. One unique thing about the scripts in the 90’s is that they made more hit and passed more messages to the world. They were able to reach out to the world through their movies. One thing I love about them is that they make things funny but lovely. The end of it is always something to learn.

One thing to also learn from the movie is that you can reach out to others out there if you will only be kind enough to look beyond power. The best way also to do this is to know what the pain feels like, and then you will understand how to live better without hurting others.


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