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Actresses we ♥ | Halle Berry

October 07, 2017

Actresses we ♥ | Halle Berry

Miss Halle Berry in The Flinstones: 90's actresses we love

There are so many excellent black actresses, Halle Berry happens to be one of them. The lifestyle of this actress, how she made it, what she had to go through is worth reading about.

Halley Berry was born the 14th of August 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. She is not just an actress, but an actress with a difference. She is an award-winning actress. She was once an award-winning beauty queen. She became famous through the role she played in Monster’s Ball in the year 2001. The movie got her an award for the best actress in the film academy. She was the first African-American to win such award. She featured in dozens of movies including:

Die another Day




She is the youngest daughter of Jerome and Judith Berry an interracial couple. Her early years were spent living in the inner-city neighborhood. Her father who abandoned her mother, herself, and her sister left her alone to the care of her mother.

Her education life was spent mostly with the whites, and that is because she attended an all-white public school. For the blacks, it has never been an easy thing surviving amidst whites, as they do not see blacks as human or even good enough to be associated with. At a very young age, she had experienced what racism and discrimation feels like. This really affected her growing up. For many, racism makes them depressed. Some even lose their self-esteem in the process. She became very determined to succeed because of what she passed through; the desire to prove that blacks are humans and can make it became her driving force towards success. Despite being faced with so many criticisms, she held so many positions such as class president in the school.

She earned a beauty pageant title in the early 1980s. Miss Teen Ohio was one of them. However, not an actress yet, her desire to be one, is not too hidden from the eyes to see.



With the desire to becoming a successful, famous, and reputable actress, the aspiring actress at the end of the 80s began her career in the television show titled in the Living Dolls. She proceeded and assumed another better role in the CBS prime-time drama Knot’s Landing after the end of the short-lived television show.

With diligence, persistence, and belief of making it big someday, her first big-screen breakthrough came through later after the role she took in the drama Knot’s Landing. She got a part in one of Samuel L. Jackson’s movie "Jungle Fever" as his drug-addicted daughter. This marked the beginning of her rising to stardom as more substantial roles came rolling in for her. She got roles in the movie "The Last Boy Scout" and the film by Eddie Murphy "the Boomerang." Getting those parts is something to die for. Her fame was beginning to spread in no time, and more interest was shown to her by so many other prominent actors and actresses.

Following the series of movies, she featured in, in the year 1999, her most passionate project until date was co-production and starring in the movie "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge."


Her success story is because of hard work and dedication to becoming great even when the situation of things seems to be saying otherwise. She followed her passion and did not for any reason allow herself to be brought down by the situation surrounding her. She faced racism, a major fear of the blacks, and rejection due to the difference in color.


She featured in blockbuster movies such as X-men in the year 2000. This is one of the significant work of the mavel comics. The actress was co-starred in the film "Swordfish," alongside John Travolta. Having a role in movies like this is not a common thing, it requires being skillful and dedicated.

She moved on to a greater level when she joined the rank of the legendary Bond Girls. She was a major character in the movie "Die another Day." Her appearance in major comic book inspired movie is profound. One of the comic movies in which she played a significant role is the "Catwoman," a captivating movie that reigned for a very long time after its release.

She is one of the big stars in Hollywood, and her relentless hardworking and dedicated character has brought her to the level of one of the highest paid actress in Hollywood.



Her success story is a lesson to the black and encouragement that the color of a person's skin is not will determine his success. Be dedicated, be focused, be positive and you will be successful someday.

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